International transport transports goods in Europe and in Asia.
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With long-standing experience Cevat İnternational transport transports goods in  Europe and in Asia. 

As an aim we will offer to the customers reliable and quick service and İn the course of this ethical basic values, like human rights, confidentiality and social responsibility are important for us. We promote the fair work together,development and working security.

We ask ourselves "Who are we?" and "How want we to work?" 
Our code of conduct answers to us these questions and serves our employees and executives as an action orientation. 

Our expectation is that these principles are followed and all laws and rules are kept.
  The trust which our suppliers, customers and authorities have in us is important to us and should not be abused. 
With signing the code we commit ourselves to the conversion and observance of the behavioral principles.

Cevat İnternational Transport
Cevat İlhan

1. Basic Values
1.1. Human Rights
An essential component of our code of conduct are the human rights. We as Cevat Transport prohibit any kind of child employment, hard labor or discrimination and have no tolerance for offence against the human rights.

1.2. Environment
We undertake to protect the Environmental Rules for today and for the future to leave a clean environment for the next generations. Hence, we support environment conscious working of the employees.

1.3. Work Safety
The health standards and safety standards for the employees are important for us.
We prefer the lowest rates in work accidents, therefore we analyze potential accident risks, determine measures and we check them for their effectiveness.

1.4. Fair workingMutual respect and justice have the highest priorities for a safe working environment and they are promoted by us. We treat customers, suppliers and authorities always fairly and deferentially.

1.5. Social responsibility
We take as a responsibility to offer possibilities of employment for the locals and preform purchases of goods and services of local suppliers.
We are knowingly that we have a bigger responsibility as a company to promote the social benefits and aims.

1.6. Confidence
Directly or indirectly, in writing or orally, confidential information’s about Cevat Transport can’t be disclosed without the written approval of the responsible executive.
This obligation exists while the employment relationship and also after ending of the employment relationship.

1.7. Bribery and corruption
Against bribery and corruption we keep to all appropriate regulations.
No employee of the Cevat transport may offer no individuals or enterprises some unfair advantages and payments or grant.

1.8. Gift giving and acceptance
Presents, invitations and demands are permitted to our employees only within the scope of an adequate, juridically flawless, business contact. The acceptance or demand of immoderate presents, financial allowances, commissions as well as other advantages or furtherances is prohibited strictly. Basically presents or invitations may not influence our commercial decisions.

2. Behavioral rules in the Workplace
2.1. Decisions
As in daily life employees must also make decisions in the working life.
Every employee entitled to make decisions within the scope of his function or position in the company.
İn some cases the choice of the decisions cannot be clear. İn this situation we should ask ourselves the following questions:
• Is this ethically?
• Is this Legally?
• İs this reflecting me and Cevat Transport?
• Is this consistently with the code of conduct?
• How would this choice be judged by third persons?

The first four of these questions should be answered with ‘’Yes’’. If one of the answerers is ‘’No’’, you should not make this choice.

2.2. Documentation
In correspondence with the legal regulations, every business process have to be documented proper and completely. Wrong entries are strictly prohibited.

2.3. Alcohol and Drugs
Working under influence of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited.
The consumption of alcohol and drugs during the working hours and in the work breaks is forbidden without exception.

3. Fair and honest contact with customers and suppliers
Our contact with customers and suppliers is fair, open and deferential. We expect from business partners and employees also that they handle fair with each other.
We keep a fair competition under observance of the competitive rights as well as the cartel right.

4. International Laws
We are acting worldwide, therefore we keep the laws and the regulations of many different countries.
The restrictions and boycotts, with regard to trade at the world market of different countries are respected by us.

5. Donate and SponsorWe support different social facilities and organizations with donations for many years.
And our employees are supported in emergency situations, too.
We basically don’t donate to political organizations, parties or people.
The decision of donation and sponsorship are made by the board of directors.